Monday, August 16, 2010

New Golden Leaf Restaurant

OK, next stop, me and my hubby went out for one of our lunch dates during lunch hour and we decided to eat at New Golden Leaf Restaurant.

This be the signboard of the restaurant. It's actually another branch of the other Golden Leaf in Jalan Tutong nearby Lucky Restaurant, and it is located in Batu Bersurat which is a few blocks away from Gadong.

This be the interior of the restaurant. Just as full and as hustling and bustling like the main branch, but with better and more modern, up-to-date settings, unlike the main one that looked like the usual kopitiam setting. They have a corner there for the economy meals for those who are frugal (polite way for saying stingy) where you can pick and choose whatever you want together with rice at a cheap, economical price.

We decided to eat upstairs, so up we went. Nice stairs with cute polished wood.

The interior of upstairs, just as it is downstairs, but with a far stronger air-con strength here. Brr~!!!

This be our drink: Teh-C ping (my hubby) and hot Milo (mine). I just felt like drinking something nice and warm to counter the bloody freezing air-con. Room temperature my ass!

Close-up of our drinks

Free clear soup accompanying our food we ordered. I do wish they be a bit more generous with the fried shallots though

Here be our food: Sau rou with rice (my hubby) and char sau sau rou with rice. Not much difference really, just that I have more meat than my hubby's. I've always liked their sau rou, because they've got really nice fat and the skin is amazingly crunchy. Mmm~! Just as nice as the main branch's food

Close-ups of my hubby's food

Close-ups of my food

So if you got a craving for char sau and/or sau rou or just wanna have a nice quick lunch if you have shorter lunch hours, either the one in Jalan Tutong or the one here in Batu Bersurat would do just fine

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