Monday, July 29, 2013

EuroDisney's Billy Bob's Restaurant

After a long day playing out rides in EuroDisney Paris and a super loooooooooong time trying to food hunt and get the best out of our free food vouchers, we finally found Billy Bob's Restaurant to finally gorge ourselves out

Location: Within EuroDisney, a bit down after Planet Hollywood

Setting: A wild, wild west theme, with bar and restaurant and a live band stage and all that
Apparently the restaurants are separated in sections. The ground floor is where all the booze and small snacks and finger food happens, while the first floor is dining ala carte food, and the second floor we were on is the one that is exclusively buffet customers only. It's pretty interesting set-up, the only downside being that there are limited seats on each floor and you really have to wait quite a while to get your turn

All the appetizers and main courses, ala wild wild west style

Our dining mat, sorta

Moar random shots

Soup section

Kids buffet, though they are not restricted to this part only

Le dessert section, with all the trimmings

Live band performance (best shot I could get)
The buffet was absolutely amazing. And being that I was super hungry, even better. We absolutely wolfed down everything, and I think I prolly had a huge helping of everything, including the yummy prawns at the appetizer/salad section and the roast at the main course section, and don't even get me started on the dessert. Mmmm~

The only beef I have was the soup. It was cold soup as prolly French people are wont to serve, and it was tomato soup, which is odd because you don't usually serve tomato soup as a cold dish. But other than that, the meal was great

Overall rating: 9/10

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